Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How much is your site worth $$$?

Have you ever wondered how much is your site worth based on the traffice on your site? Also wondered how much a site that you visit often would be worth? Then check out this site ( that tells you the net worth of a top level domain. You simply enter a top level domain name and it does its magic and presents you with the estimated value of the domain based on the recent traffic. Here is a screenshot of the site using as the top level domain:
As you can see, it says the is worth about $267.67 Million and I believe Google has paid much more than that to buy
I am not sure how accurate their calculations are, for example, it lists ($2.41 Billion) being lot more worth than ($1.2 Billion), which makes me question the validity of their calculations, but it is an interesting site and you can get a rough idea of how traffic gets translated into ad revenue.
Here is a table that summarizes the net worth of most popular search engines using this site:
Search EngineNet WorthDaily PageviewsDaily Ads Revenue$1.2 Billion550000000$1650003.16$2.41 Billion1100000000$3300003$8.99 Million4104477$12316.26$169447.676431$232.12$481.8 Million220000000$660003$1.57 Million718484$2155.45$96403.843078$132.06$2.18 Million995475$2989.25$1.48 Million676506$2032.35$890008.7405455$1219.19$19.75 Million9016393$27052.01$114.72 Million52380952$157145.86$371803.6168892$509.32$17.46 Million7971014$23915.87$185.31 Million84615384$253848.8

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Play a word game & help the world hunger in the process

I really like this site that I have come across while visiting the World Food Programme site. Here is a screenshot of the site:
Great way to engage people and in the process help end the world hunger. Very clean and intuitive design and layout. Every word you get it right, the site donates 20 grains of rice to the World Food Prgramme through the help of site sponsors. If you miss a word, it will tell you the correct meaning and will ask you again later to see if you get it right this time. It will keep asking you the word until you get it right. Excellent way to learn vocabulary and you could also set the level where you want to start practicing by going into the options page. And as you progress through more and more words, it will keep moving up the level and if you want to start at the base level again, you simply click on the Home button. Enjoy learning new vocabulary and help the world hunger in the process. Sonny

Sunday, January 27, 2008

You and your 23 pairs of chromosomes

Have you heard about 23andMe.comM? I have heard about it in a videocast on It sounds like 23andMe may be the first business to garner the consumer market providing genome services (DNA) to general public. After all one of the backers of this business is Genentech (It is considered to have founded the biotechnology industry) and others include Google and New Enterprise Associates (NEA).

how the process works
To obtain your DNA analysis, you purchase the kit from their website for $999.00 USD and send it back with your saliva sample and in 4-6 weeks after your sent the sample, you can explore your genome results via the website. It seems like a reasonable price for such a valuable information about yourself, but in my opinion it is still out of reach for most people, at least it is for me. It might be a good idea for Health Insurance companies to provide this service to their consumers so that the consumers are better prepared to take preventive measures against any genetically inheritable diseases if their DNA analysis should show they are susceptible to such diseases. This could be a great tool in reducing the overall health care costs and control the constantly growing health insurance costs in U.S.A.

I am really impressed with the plethora of genetic information that this website offers, for example check out the following pages:
genetics 101
articles on how the process works page

Before visiting this site, I hardly knew anything about genetics, but after going through the genetics 101 page, I find myself a tiny bit more knowledable about this field. The field of genetics is growing very rapidly and this site is a testament to that progress.

All the information presented on the site is very clean, educative, intuitive, and lot more approachable than the Genetics page on Wikipedia. I would love to know if there are any similar business ventures and similar learning resources about Genetics.